A parent always attempts to make right decisions for interest of their child. The good parent does not need to be perfect. Nobody is perfect. But it does not mean we must not work towards our goal. First set standards for yourself and then for our kids. We as a parent are their role model. However, if you continue working on them, although you might do just a part of it, still you will be moving in a right direction.

Parenting is not very tough

New parents are unprepared for an exhausting yet exhilarating, journey, which lies in parenting. It is very important for all the parents to know that because an individual can procreate, does not naturally provide the knowledge and patience required being a healthy and effective parent. Getting knowledge about your children nature and effective and healthy parenting styles can help the parents to be much calmer and allow parents to be very effective in raising a responsible child.Great Parent

Trying to be a different parent

Several times a parent might be aware of the times that did not go very smoothly in their own childhood and want to parent it differently when they have kids. At all stages and ages of our kid’s lives, we go back and remember how our parents might have reacted in the similar situations. Earlier generations didn’t have much information available that today’s generation has available on healthy parenting.

Making your child understand when he misbehaves

Parents or other caregivers at times hope that when they act very nicely to their child, they may act nicely to them as well. It is referred as “strings attached” type of approach. Adults will relate to a concept of giving and receiving, however many kids aren’t mature enough to react this way. So, by expecting such maturity level, parent is being totally unfair towards a child.

Getting angry on a child does not mean you’re a bad

Anger is the natural and expected emotion and it is fine to get angry with your child. Key is for the parents to know healthy ways of expressing any angry feelings to your child. Anger usually is the secondary emotion, thus knowing what underlying feelings (disappointment, frustration, and embarrassment) can be helpful to mange how to express your anger.

Spanking not good for your child

Spanking, or other types of corporal punishment, isn’t the healthy and effective way of disciplining your children. Your discipline goal is to teach your kids right behavior & self-control. Spanking will teach kids to stop doing things just out of fear.

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