Sleeping is automatic and common. This is why no one bats an eye when someone says, I did not get any sleep last night. No one gets concerned and rightly so because not a lot of people know how crucial a good night’s sleep is to their overall well being is.

Sleep Science is a relatively new field of study, having its origins just about 70 Years ago. Sleep, particularly a deep restful sleep, play a very important role in how healthy we are both physically and mentally.

Why Sleep?

     Sleeping is a fundamental need of all living organism on our planet. Each one living being needs to sleep in some way and in some degree or another. Sleeping enables us to save energy, help regenerate or recover at a cellular level, and to help us process and understand our environment. Understand our environment you say? This is the idea that during the day, we experience and make activities that are our daily lives all day long. Our Interactions are stored in our memory banks ( the brain) in a somewhat cramped manner. Some may be happening too fast and some may be repetitive. These results in higher neuron activation inside our brains. The theory is that when we sleep, our brain sorts out this crammed information and puts them in a hierarchy in our head. The most non-essential at the bottom and those that we need to survive is on top.

Deep Vs. REM

gaba for sleep disorder

     Studies have found out that deep sleep is quite different from REM sleep ( Rapid Eye Movement Sleep ) These are TWO different processes albeit done in one activity. During deep sleep, all neural activities are being processed and what REM does is integrate these experiences into your basic understanding of the world around you as it happened and as relayed by your sensory inputs. To understand this look at these sleep stages. Light Sleep to Deep Sleep to Light sleep and to REM then gets repeated and cycled for the duration of your Circadian Cycle.

Circadian Rhythm

     The circadian rhythm revolves very much on visual cues especially light. This is why we feel so awake during the morning when the first rays of sunlight hit the earth. Making the pattern as regular as possible will help you get the most out of your sleep.

Getting back on Track

     How to get that sleep pattern to where you want it to be? If you are deep into that cycle of sleeplessness, how do you get it back on the right track? Most people turn to supplements. Melatonin, our body’s “sleep hormone” and GABA are compounds that help with sleep disorders. Getting started on a Melatonin supplement diet will work for getting enough sleep and restoring Circadian Rhythm back on track. But what is gaba do and what is gaba used for? First up, GABA is Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, a neurotransmitter that helps calm the nervous system. Gaba is known for improving sleep by “relaxing” brain activity and thereby promoting good sleeping habits. These two are your best natural way to restore any misaligned patterns back to normal.