Whatsapp is basically an application designed to keep in touch with your near and dear ones. Downloading WhatsApp on your phone is a pretty simple thing. Just search for the app in the Google/App store. Click on install and follow the steps. If WhatsApp has been installed on this phone earlier, then installing it will be much easier as the phone will have the downloaded file. But if you have used WhatsApp in a different phone, you still have to follow the steps. If you have used WhatsApp before with the same phone number, you will be prompted to restore your chat history as you install the app on your new phone.

Make use of the many sites that have witty and funny quotes that make up a great Status update

All you have to do is look for WhatsApp status quotes online and you can come up with the best quotes that make you appear clever, witty and funny. You never like to be called naïve or a newbie and so gain your popularity by changing your status everyday as it hardly takes a minute or two. And when you have got it right you are never ignored in your whatsApp circle or group.whatsapp

Your status need not be witty or funny always; you can come up with creative positive quotes that will surely make up the reader’s day. For instance keeping good wishes as your status will make any person for that matter feel that you care about them. Try out a different Status update everyday where if you choose a witty one today, back it up with a friendly one tomorrow and a hilarious one for the day after.

Tips for picking up the perfect quotes as your Status on WhatsApp

You can consider certain key features while selecting a new Status update everyday for instance, choose a quote with a very few words like three or four which will deliver a complete message and not an incomplete one when someone comes across your contact. You can also try out the clever quotes that will force a person to click on your contact to read the complete message. For instance ‘Typing’ when assigned as a Status is unique in itself and does not require many words for making a person laugh or commend your wits. Thus take some time to choose the best one everyday as it hardly takes lesser than five minutes of your time everyday. These are the messages that will make up your impression in your whatsApp circle and must never be taken lightly.

Of all the various messaging apps available today, WhatsApp has become the most popular, most used and most trusted messaging app in the world. Of course, with so many benefits of using WhatsApp such as sharing pictures, videos, documents, scanned images, audio messages and so on. Also, with the facility of making local and international calls, who needs anything else when there is WhatsApp. While developing WhatsApp they had the aim to reach the mobile users because that is the device which is portable and one can carry it anywhere and use it all the time. But people demands change all the time. There are majority of the people who still spend more time in computer than on their Smartphone. So these are the people who are searching for tools which help to use WhatsApp on their computer.